Restoration Of Gun Rights Seminar

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Sean Johnson and the Johnson law firm is partnering with Relentless C.R.T. to host a seminar with a focus on providing individuals who qualify with information and guidence on how to obtain your gun rights. If you have fulfilled your legal obligations you deserve your rights. This can be an overwhelming task and most don't know where to start. The $20 sign up fee will be donated to Relentless C.R.T. Relentless is a local nonprofit that specializes in helping people who have fallen on hard times and need immediate assistance.

 You will have an option at this seminar to sign up with The Johnson Law firm and restore your rights for under $1,000.  This is optional, it is a group rate.  You won't find a better deal or more streamlined, expedited effort to help you get what you deserve. 

Deaconess Health and Education Center

910 W 5th ave. Spokane, WA 99202

room 268 parking is free