About Us

                                     AMERICAN ALPHA CREED

American Alpha Design was built off of the backs of  men who were raised to honor their word. Men who will shake your hand and do you a solid favor just because it is the right thing to do. As the owner and founder of  American Alpha Design I sought out to create a business that would focus on the America that I grew up in.  The woodworking and Metal products are built with my own two hands right in my garage. The powder coat finish is applied at a local business that I've spent 18  years at perfecting my craft and working for great men that have taught me to operate with the utmost integrity and class.


 I am taking a stand against the censorships that is currently taking place in this beautiful country that I love. If I want to fly my colors I will fly them. If I want to support a historic flag from the south I will support it. If  I choose to wake up and fashion my self with a  T-shirt that has a curse word on it, I'll wear that T-shirt with pride, freedom, and a smile. I am a Free Man owned by no one and I am tired of  the current state of society in America constantly serving  me a watered down version of my country and her freedoms.

                                                                     Thank you for the support,

                                                                       CHRIS MORSE, FOUNDER AAD